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Moves We Make (2016) full version

28 min   |   English   |  Kenny C. Williams, Producer  Patrick Coker, Director , JM Benjamin Writer, Starring - John Anthony Wylliams, Dahiana Torres, Bernel Harrison, Brett Puryear, Matt Kaplan

"Christopher Hill, better known as "Real" is a conflicted street thug who makes a series of decisions in 24 hours, which sets off a chain of catastrophic events in his life. His long time girlfriend, Rolonda wants more out of the relationship but she learns troubling news which implicates her future husband in her cousin's death.

Moves We Make written by Jm Benjamin and directed by Patrick Coker, is an examination of trust and betrayal and will keep the viewer on the edge, wondering about each characters next Move.

Moves We Make (Full Version)
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