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Nonstop Show Group

Specializing in commercial , corporate, narrative, documentary, series, music visual,  wedding and fashion, digital, mobile, live event coverage and ENG styles of film production.

High Definition Video Content Production Company offering Production Management, Creative Direction, and Select Equipment Rentals 

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Films | TV Shows | Digital Content

Nonstop Show Group is a rockstar production house founded by Lamar David Mackson. Our strengths include high quality film and video production, artistry level photography, high impact event production and design as well as digital marketing campaign management.


We make movies, short films, commercials, television products, industrial visuals, documentaries, marketing videos, political messaging, community engagement, long-form, short form, nonprofit and branding video.


We provide technical production and logistics for conferences, plenary sessions, forums, breakouts, keynotes, firesides, press conferences, roundtables, symposiums, theatricals and outdoor festivals.

We are artists, we are technicians, we are disciplined, we are corporate, we are show business, we are fun, we work hard, we wont stop, we can’t stop, we are nonstop.


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